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About Us


Catherine Comerford is a registered midwife with a BSc in Midwifery (Hons), Yoga Teacher trained in traditional Hatha, Vinyasa and Pregnancy Yoga, and a Perinatal Educator. She has also studied Yoni Shakti Yoga with Uma Dinsmore-Thuli, a practice to support women's vitality, health and wellbeing through yogic practices. She trained and worked as a Midwife in Dublin, Ireland before moving to Brighton, UK where she now practices as a Continuity of Care Midwife.


Her vision is to create a space for women to openly connect with one another through teachings and body/mind exploration. 

Join Cat at her Womb Yoga classes in Brighton or keep an eye out for her workshops!

"It has always been my dream to help to bridge the gap between medical and holistic midwifery. I believe it starts through teachings and education - knowledge is power! The more women are invited to explore, the more they can feel empowered to make decisions that best suit them individually. I am hugely passionate about having a person-centred approach. I love to share my knowledge of pregnancy, childbirth and early motherhood with people who birth!"

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Contact Us

Please feel free to reach out by e-mail or through Instagram! I love connecting with you all and am always here to answer any questions. 

Instagram: @iam.wombyn -

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