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No Yoga Props? No Problem!

Today is the day you decided you're going to get up at the crack of dawn and pop on a yoga class on YouTube before work. You've rolled out your mat, thrown on some comfy clothes, and are getting ready to get in the zone. The yoga teacher begins the class, introducing what you'll be focusing on today. Then she tells you you'll need two blocks, a bolster, a strap and a blanket.

"What?!? But I've never even HEARD of half of those things, let alone have them here at home."

I hear you. It can be super frustrating and even off-putting when you just want to get on with a class and realise you don't have the yoga props.


I am here to show you how to get around this. To provide you with the tools to help you think on your feet to gather these props without having to spend a single penny.

And best of all is that you can substitute ANY yoga prop with something you have lying around your house!

Why do we need yoga props anyway?

Yoga props are sometimes used to support certain postures. Depending on your anatomy, flexibility, or where you are in your practice, it can be really helpful to have a prop/support to allow you to get into a posture safely and correctly. It ensures we are not overstretching or compensating other parts of our body for the sake of getting our body into a certain shape. Or it can mean that you can still practice a pose you would have skipped otherwise.

You won't always necessarily NEED the yoga props, but it's handy to have them close by just in case.

In pregnancy, props are used regularly to support our bodies as they grow our bubbas and to help reduce risk of injury (when used correctly).

Read on to find out more about each yoga prop and what can be used instead..


What is it?

A bolster is a long, thick pillow filled with various materials, such as foam or buckwheat, depending on how soft or sturdy you want it to be. They are usually placed along our spines or under the knees to help with chest-opening postures or to allow certain body parts to release and relax a little more.

What can I use instead?

  • Pillows! Grab a pillow or two from your bed. Ideally, two will work better for firmness. Roll them up in a towel so it becomes sausage-shaped. And voila!

  • Sleeping bag (in its bag) can also work perfectly as an alternative


What is it?

A block or brick is a small, rectangular prop usually made from foam, cork or bamboo. Some are wider and thinner, some are narrower and thicker. I recommend the narrow, thick ones as they are sturdier for some poses. Blocks help to bring the ground up to you. They can be really helpful when you find yourself in poses where you just can't quite reach the ground. You can also use them to sit on or place your forehead on in Child's Pose.

What can I use instead?

  • Books! The simplest thing to do is grab a couple of thick books. If you don't have thick books, just grab a few and stack them on top of each other.

  • Chairs can work well too depending on the pose.

  • Wall - position yourself near a wall and use this for stability.

  • Pots, pans, whatever! Get creative. Remember the idea is to raise the ground to you, so whatever you have that will get you there works.


What is it?

A yoga strap or belt is a long, thin, and usually adjustable piece of material that can help you to get into postures with more ease. Think about wrapping it around the sole of your foot, or using it to bring your hands closer together behind your back. It's really used to serve as an EXTENSION of your arms.

What can I use instead?

  • Leggings, long-sleeved tops, towels - any item of clothing can work really well here! (The belt from your dressing-gown is great too!)

So what we can see here is that it's not so much about the prop itself but what the prop can DO FOR YOU and your yoga practice. Now that you know why we use certain props, you can let your creative juices flow and come up with some of your own ideas to use when you find yourself stuck.

If you DO want to invest in some yoga props, have a look online for some inexpensive equipment - you do not need to break the bank! Often TK Maxx, Decathlon and some supermarkets will have a small range of props too.

I got mine from here last year and I have been very impressed with them so far!

Have you tried something else before that's worked for you?

Share it with the community! We would love to hear it. ♥

All my love,

Cat xo

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