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Womb Yoga

Awaken the power of your womb

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Service Description

Have you ever wondered why SO many women do yoga? 🧘‍♀️ Just take a look at Sanskrit, the language of yoga, and how certain terms are understood.. 🩸Garbha Grha = Womb House It is considered to be the most sacred inner section of any temple. 🔥 Shakti = Power or life force, the feminine energy. 🌹 Yoni = All encompassing word for the female reproductive system, the cosmic gateway through which this shakti enters the world. When a woman is healthy, nourished and tended to, we see a WHOLE community around her feeling the same way. It’s no wonder so many women are drawn to the POWER of yoga! Yet, have you ever felt that some practices just don’t feel right at certain points in your life? This is where Womb Yoga comes in! 🩸 Derived from traditional Hatha and Tantra Yoga traditions, Womb Yoga seeks a RE-ENVISIONING of yoga as we know it to tend more to the female body, both physically and energetically. We intertwine asana, pranayama, mudra, mantra and meditation with nourishing and healing practices for the womb centre or ‘source’, as well as activating the feminine energies in the body. SO.. what can you expect at these classes? ➻ A balance between dynamic and gentle flow for the physical body, building both strength 💪 & flexibility 🤸 especially around the pelvis and spine. ➻ Learn breath practices 🫁 to serve your body at different times in your cycle. ➻ Explore mudras 🪷 and mantra 🗣️, gestures and sound, to connect with cosmic consciousness. ➻ Practice Yoga Nidra 😌 for deep rest and healing of the body. This class is suitable for all levels of experience. Please note that this yoga is for you whether you have a physical womb or not, so please feel free to join if you’re called. Yoga is for every body, and every body is welcome! Awaken the power of your womb with Womb Yoga. Practice with me at About Balance Brighton from 10:15-11:15am. Book here: or on the MindBody App. Price: Regular = £11 Karma Card = £6

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  • About Balance, Gloucester Place, Brighton and Hove, Brighton, UK

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